All Things Melstone School

With the mill levy vote quickly approaching (one week away!), Melstone Schools wants to remind our community of the number of services we provide for the betterment of our students, families, and community as a whole. In summary, Melstone Public Schools has been serving the Melstone and outer communities in the following ways: 

  • Provide an individualized education for the duration of a student's entire time here K-12 (Teacher-student ratio: 6:1) 

  • Provide engaging and creative lessons to lessen the COVID academic gap 

  • Prepare students for the next stage of their life whether that be junior high, high school or life post high school!

  • Provide social-emotional learning and a safe space for students to express themselves in a healthy way to build proper coping mechanisms. 

  • Provide personal tele-counseling for our students in a private school space. 

  • Provide a clean and safe space for athletic competitions, music events, awards banquets, dances, funerals, and much more!

  • Provide a diverse amount of courses for students at every academic level 

  • Provide a sense of community and pride in our Homecoming and end of year celebrations

  • Provide individual counseling to all students to tailor their JH/HS experience based on their needs and interests. 

  • Secure funding through creative grant-writing opportunities (We have updated our kitchen range through a grant and are working hard to update our fire alarm/PA system!) 

  • Build a love of reading and invite older community members to be involved through our Tuesday Time to Read program.

  • Provide up to date technology for our students and staff to become more engaged in education and prepare students for the modern world. 

  • Prepare students for an agricultural life through our Future Farmers of America (FFA) and many agricultural courses offered. 

  • Prepare students for a career in business through our Business Professionals of America (BPA) program  and the many skills to become a professional in the workforce. 

  • Provide students the opportunity to increase their reading and math skills by working one-on-one in those areas (RTI program)

Above all, Melstone Public Schools is here for the community, for the families, and ultimately for the students. We have had many changes this year, and we plan to continue to improve our school, so we may provide the best education that our students greatly deserve. The Melstone Public School is the center point of our community, and we hope with your support to continue to provide our students with the best opportunities and above all, achieve excellence!